Condos Occupying in 2021

Daniels Markham & Sheppard

Development Details Name: First Home Markham Sheppard Developer: Daniels Corporation & Diamond Corp Architect: Quadrangle Architects Interior Designer: N/A Location: 5131 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto Number of […]

Liberty Market Tower

Development Details Name: Liberty Market Tower Developer: Lifetime Developments Architect: Wallman Architects Interior Designer:  Location: 171 East Liberty Street, Toronto Number of Storeys: 28 Number of Suites: […]

Field House EcoUrban Towns

Development Details Name: Field House Eco Urban Towns Developer: Daniels Corporation Architect: TBA Interior Designer: TBA Location: 55 Nicholas Avenue, Toronto Number of Storeys: 3 Number […]

Elgin East Condos & Towns

Development Details Name: Elgin East Condos and Towns Developer: Sequoia Grove Homes Architect: Quadrangle Architects Interior Designer: U31 Location: 1000 Elgin Mills Road East Number of Storeys: […]

Clarkson Urban Towns

Development Details Name: Clarkson Urban Towns Developer: Haven Developments Architect: Graziani + Corazza Architects Interior Designer: Ambiance Design Group Location: 2200 Bromsgrove Road, Mississauga Number of […]

Pinnacle Toronto East Condos

Development Details Name: Pinnacle Toronto East Condos Developer: Pinnacle Architect: TBD* Interior Designer: TBD* Location: 3260 Sheppard Ave East , Toronto Number of Storeys: 30 Number of Suites: 796 Starting Price: High 300's Total […]

Daniels Artworks Condos

Development Details Name: Artworks Tower Developer: Daniels Corporation Architect: Quadrangle Interior Designer: U31 Location: 130 River Street Number of Storeys: 32 Number of Suites: 345 Deposit: 10% - […]

Keeley Condos

Development Details Name: The Keeley Condos Developer: TAS Architect: Teeple Architects Interior Designer: TACT Design Location: 3100 Keele St, Toronto Number of Storeys: 11 Number of Suites: 270 Starting Price: Low $300's Total […]

Verde Condos

Development Details Name: Verde Condos Developer: FRAM Building Group Architect: Core Architects Interior Designer: N/A Location: 5 Kingslake Road, Toronto (Don Mills and Sheppard Ave E) […]

Elevate at Logan Towns

Development Details Name: Elevate at Logan Developer: Kaleido Developments Architect: SRN Architects Inc. Interior Designer: TBD* Location: Gerrard E and Logan, Toronto Number of Storeys: 4 Number of Suites: 41 Starting Price: Low 700's […]

859 West Condos

Development Details Name: 859 West Queensway Condos Developer: First Avenue and Latch Developments Architect: Teeple Architects Interior Designer: Location: Islington and The Queensway, Toronto Number of Storeys: 14 Number of Suites: 238 […]

DTK Condos

Development Details Name: DTK Condos Developer: IN8 Developments Architect: SRM Architects Interior Designer: Orchard Design Studio Location: rederick and Duke E, Kitchener Number of Storeys: 33 Number of Suites: 410 Starting Price: Mid 200's […]

Empire Phoenix Condos

Development Details Name: Empire Phoenix Developer: Empire Communities Architect: Graziani & Corazza Architects Inc Interior Designer: Figure3 Location: 215 Manitoba Street, Toronto Number of Storeys: 29 Number of […]

in.DE Condos

Development Details Name: in.DE Condos Developer: Menkes Development Ltd. Architect: Turner Fleischer Architects Interior Designer: Coming Soon Location: 219 Dundas Street East (Dundas St East and Jarvis St, Toronto) Number […]