Daniels Keelesdale Phase 2
Daniels First Home Keelesdale
April 22, 2020
Empire Quay House Condos
Empire Quay House Condos
April 29, 2020
Field House Eco Urban Towns

Development Details

Name: Field House Eco Urban Towns

Developer: Daniels Corporation

Architect: TBA

Interior Designer: TBA

Location: 55 Nicholas Avenue, Toronto

Number of Storeys: 3

Number of Townhomes: 24

Starting Price: $1M

Total Deposit: TBA

Occupancy Date: Late 2020, Early 2021

Maintenance Fees: TBA

Amenities: N/A

Walk Score: 90

Transit Score: 100

Floorplans Link: Request Below

Download Brochure: Request Below

Top Reasons to Invest

1. Townhomes in Regent Park – Townhomes in the Regent park Revitalization have done extremely well. Whether its the Sutton Collection or Bartholomew Tonwhomes, anyone who has purchased a townhome in Regent Park has seen tremendous appreciation. Not to mention it is incredibly rare to see any traditional townhomes being built in Downtown Toronto! Its simply not profitable enough for the developers and a better use of land can be found. Daniels continues to integrate this using type into the Regent Park Neighbourhood to create diversity and a desirable community to live in.

2. Daniels Corporation – A top-notch developer with a flawless track record that has been developing regent park for over 12 years. Buyers can expect top notch quality, great execution and timely completion.

3. 10% Deposit – Field House EcoUrban Towns will almost certainly include the Daniels Famous 10% deposit. There are two options for the 10% deposit – $5,000 at signing, Balance to 5% in 30 days, 5% in 120 days OR $5,000 at signing, Balance to 5% in 30 days, $1,000 per month 120 days after until you reach 5%. The latter option is called a Gradual Deposit Program and is also unique to Daniels and Regent Park.

4. EcoUrban Design (LEED Gold Certified) – Utilizing cutting edge technology and innovative features, these unique 3 Bedroom townhomes will be fossil fuel free. By using all electric systems and generating renewable energy on-site with the rooftop solar panels, carbon dioxide will not be emitted through the operation of these homes*. Innovative and beautifully designed, your new home will work as hard as you do to improve your health and the environment.


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