In Todays Video, Michael gives the viewers a tour of a brand new investment property in Toronto’s Downtown East. Watch until the end to find out all the juicy details!

In Todays Video, Michael Soudebov introduces the next exciting low-rise project launch in the heart of Thornhill – The Boulevard. This is the final chapter of the Thornhill Master-Planned community located at Bathurst St. and Beverley Glen. Spacious terraced units, an affordable $/per square foot, fantastic builder reputation, are just some of the reasons why investing at the Boulevard is an excellent idea.

In Todays Video, Michael Soudebov sits down with Ryan Rabinovich – Founder of Rare Real Estate to discuss the highly anticipated new master planned community coming to Mimico this Spring called Grand Central Mimico. Watch todays Video and find out many reasons why we are very excited about the launch of this new development in Toronto’s West End.

In todays Video, Michael Soudebov discussed the factors behind the dizzying Greater Toronto Real Estate price growth. These unprecedented times are resulting in equally unprecedented real estate market and price appreciation. Why is this happening? Is it going to continue? What should you be doing about it as a buyer? These are all questions that are answered in this video.

Happy 2021 Everyone! In todays Video, Michael Soudebov discusses the future of Toronto Real Estate by looking at a Christmas decoration crystal ball. Im sure you’re all wondering what 2021 has in store and this year, its never been easier to make this video. I am very confident in the future of Toronto Real Estate. Don’t forget to smash the like button and Subscribe to the channel!

On December 15th, 2020, Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) announced their new partner for Phases 4 and 5 of the Regent Park Revitalization. This news came as a shock to many because Daniels will no longer be the developer partner, but instead the developer will be Tridel. In todays video I explore what these news mean for Regent Park, its residents, homeowners and investors.

In todays video, Michael Soudebov discusses the new promotional mortgage rate of 0.99% offered by HSBC Bank. With the current mortgage climate where it is today, more of your monthly mortgage payment is allocated to principal repayment than ever before!

In Todays video Michael Soudebov discusses the importance of Toronto being included in the top 10 Revenue Generating cities for Airbnb. This announcement reminds all of us just how big-time Toronto really is on the global scale and just how powerful our tourism industry really is. Airbnb will undoubtedly recover quickly once travel opens up again and in the meantime, the local cottages are raking in crazy profits!

In todays video, Michael Soudebov gives the viewers 3 reasons to feel optimistic about the future of the GTA and Toronto condo markets.

In Todays Video, Michael Soudebov discusses the latest revised immigration targets that the government of Canada has published. It is important to understand the biggest driver of Canadian Real Estate and Immigration is undoubtedly at the top of the list. These latest targets will help the Toronto market bounce back faster than ever from the COVID slump.

In Todays Video, Michael Soudebov with discusses the current state of the Toronto Condo market. With so much negativity in the news, and gloomy scenarios, Michael clears up some misconceptions and gives the viewers his take on what is going to happen in the future.

In Todays Video, Michael Soudebov gives the viewers a tour of Toronto’s thriving East End, 69-acre neighbourhood called Regent Park. An area that has been in transition and under revitalization by the Daniels Corporation for many years, it has finally become a fantastic place to live for many. Calling this 15-year project an enormous success would be a huge understatement. As a resident of the area, Michael gives you a tour of the neighbourhood and showcases some of the top spots.

Browse my website to find floorplans for all regent park projects mentioned in the video!

In todays video, Michael Soudebov covers 5 reasons why Daniels First Home Keelesdale Condos and Towns is quite possibly the best pre-construction project launch of Fall 2020 in Toronto. Coming October 14th, Register at

In Todays Video, Michael Soudebov explores what is happening in the Entertainment Capital of Vaughan. South VMC is poised to undergo a dramatic transformation over the next decade and it is impossible to ignore. Watch this video to learn more about South VMC and the first 4 towers called Festival condos.

In Todays Video, Michael takes a deeper look into the tremendous, multi-decade revitalization (Square One District) that is starting to transform the heart of Mississauga – Square One Mall. This partnership between Oxford and Daniels is set to bring 18,000 new residential units, commercial and new office buildings.

In todays Video, Michael Soudebov gives you a market update as well as showcases the upcoming pre-construction condo pipeline for Fall 2020 in the GTA. Lastly Michael goes over 4 criteria that a pre-con buyer should focus on when evaluating the myriad of new construction options that is coming soon.

Today, Michael Soudebov from discusses why he chooses to live in a 2 Bedroom Downtown condo instead of owning a detached house or a semi-detached freehold home in midtown/uptown. One style of property ownership is not better than the other and instead depends on the owners timing, lifestyle and goals.

In todays video, Michael Soudebov discusses what is likely the most frequently asked question by townhome shoppers. Is this property freehold or condominium? There are many ways that these ownership styles differ but one is not better than the other. Both have their pros and cons and buyers need to understand what will work best for them.

In todays video, Michael Soudebov from discusses the COVID mortgage deferral cliff and provides reasons as to why it will not make a significant impact on the Real Estate activity in the GTA

In todays video Michael discusses two GTA pre-construction developments launching soon, in the summer-fall of 2020. Both are tremendous opportunities to get into the real estate market.

Many of our clients are wondering how pre-construction is doing or going to perform post-COVID, once the city of Toronto is reopened. In todays video Michael provides his opinion on the changes you can expect to see going forward.

Today Michael Soudebov discusses the apparent implications that COVID pandemic is having on the Toronto Short Term Rental Market (AIRBNB’s) and gives his forecast for 2020 and 2021.

In today’s Video Michael provides his opinion on the current state of affairs and gives his take on the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In the last episode of 14 Days of Pre-Construction Michael discusses the two important milestones that every purchaser will come across after the firm up on their pre-con purchase – Decor Appointment and the PDI.

Some purchasers think that just because they’ve singed an Agreement of Purchase and Sale for a condominium they are now done and can celebrate. In Episode 13 of 14 Days of Pre-Construction Michael discusses the important requirements and steps that have to be taken during the duration of the 10-day rescission period in order to satisfy the builder requirements to gain confidence and ensure a smooth transaction.

In Video 12 of 14 Days of pre-construction, Michael discusses the requirements to sign an Agreement of Purchase and Sale and why it is very important to act fast. Condominium Act of 1998 is there to protect you during the course of the next 10 calendar days.

In episode 11/14 I discuss the pre-construction condo Assignment. Assignments have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to low inventory and high returns that condo investors have been seeing. Watch todays video for a breakdown of what an assignment is, how it is executed and some roadblocks that an average Assignor may encounter.

In Episode 10 of 14, I discuss the dreaded maintenance fees. A lot of pre-con buyers are concerned with maintenance fees, and rightfully so. In today’s video I debunks some myths and gives a better idea of how these fees may affect your buying decision.

In Episode 9 of 14, I discuss the most commonly asked and misunderstood topic of a pre-construction purchase – Occupancy Fees. Simple definition of Occupancy fees is it essentially Rent. For a more in-depth explanation, watch todays video!

In Episode 8 of 14, I discuss one of the most important questions that a pre-construction buyer will have to answer. The response will have significant financial implications that buyers need to be aware of and budget for accordingly.

In Episode 7 of 14 Days of Pre-Construction I discuss whether it is worth purchasing parking and locker with your pre-construction condominium. With the current parking prices exceeding $100,000 in some projects, this is an important conversation that must be had.

In Episode 6 of 14 Days of Pre-Construction, I discuss all of the typical condo pre-construction closing costs that will be required to be paid on closing.

In Episode 5 of 14 Days of Pre-Construction I discuss whether it is worth paying more to purchase a suite on a higher floor or if buying low for less is a better idea.

In this video I examine the important task of selecting the right pre-construction floorplan. This detail can make the biggest difference between appreciating cash flow positive property and a disappointing investment! Enjoy

Today I discuss whether it is better to purchase a pre-construction at an initial launch or projects with sitting inventories! Timing of your pre construction purchase is incredibly important to its profitability, so listen and learn.

I can’t believe pre-construction buyers are still making this HUGE mistake!
Watch today’s video to find out what it is and don’t make it yourself!

If you’ve decided that you’re going to buy pre construction, this short video will give you some basic ideas of where to start!

I’m thrilled to introduce a 14 episode video series that I’ve called 14 days of pre-construction. I will be releasing videos twice a week for the next 7 weeks that detail every step of buying pre-construction. Hopefully you will find the content entertaining and valuable! Don’t forget to follow us & subscribe on Youtube!

In this Video we take a closer look at the tremendous revitalization of Downtown Toronto’s East end neighbourhood called Regent Park.

Promotional video for a grand prize suite in Princess Margaret Home Lottery Draw. This suite is Located in Daniels High Park and the Layout is called Lavinia. A wonderful East facing 1B suite in a fantastic location.