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Regent Park, a historic neighborhood in downtown Toronto, has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. The Regent Park revitalization project, a visionary initiative by the Daniels Corporation and Toronto Community Housing aimed at creating a thriving and inclusive community, has not only revitalized the area but also presented a wealth of opportunities for pre-construction buyers over the past decade. In this blog, we will explore how the Regent Park revitalization has benefitted those who invested in pre-construction projects within this neighborhood.

As of the time of writing this blog, the average price per square foot of resale condominiums in Regent Park is listed at $1,030. For reference, below is a list of all new market condominium projects that have been completed in Regent Park and their original launch pricing dating back to 2006. Just have a look at the difference between what buyers paid and the average price today.

One Cole25 Cole CondosOne Cole Towns (1 Cole Street & 25 Cole Street) – launched in 2007 at $380 Per Square Foot

One Park West Condos and Towns (260 Sackville Street) – launched in 2008 at $450 Per Square Foot

Paintbox Condos (225 Sackville Street) – launched in 2009 at $500 Per Square Foot

One Park Place North Condos (170 Sumach Street) – launched in 2011 at $520 Per Square Foot

One Park Place South Condos and Towns (55 Regent Park Boulevard) – launched in 2012 at $530 Per Square Foot

Bartholomew Condos and Towns (200 Sackville Street) – launched in 2014 at $550 Per Square Foot

Wyatt Condos (20 Tubman Avenue) – launched in 2016 at $600 Per Square Foot

DuEast & DuEast Boutique Condos (225 Sumach Street & 34 Tubman Avenue) – launched in 2018 at $730 Per Square Foot

Artworks & Artsy Boutique Condos (130 River Street & 35 Tubman Avenue) – launched in 2019 at $870 Per Square Foot


As you can see, pre-construction buyers who had the foresight to invest in any Regent Park project during Phases 1, 2, & 3, were rewarded handsomely with significant appreciation in property value. Some property values have more than tripled in price! Every single pre-con buyer of the projects above realized gains upon final closing and project completions. Which cannot be said for many other pre-con developments in the city.  As Regent Park continues to thrive and attract more residents, the demand for housing in this prime downtown location is destined to increase, driving property values further upward. Phases 4 & 5 will provide the final opportunity to invest here and we would look to invest sooner rather than later. Tridel is set to come in and take over for Phases 4 & 5 and you can be sure that the launch prices will be significantly higher than they are today.

The Regent Park revitalization project has undoubtedly been a game-changer for both the neighbourhood and investors that took a leap of faith on the opportunity. To learn more about Regent Park and investing in this neighbourhood, visit – www.liveinregentpark.com

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